C. Carey Cloud

C. Carey Cloud designed hundreds of premiums for companies such as Ovaltine, Bunny Bread, Coco-Wheats, Post Bran Flakes, Breck Candy Company Pillsbury's Flour, Thinshell Candies, Johnston Candies and Chocolates, Shotwell of Chicago, Ark Break, Brach's Candy, New Orleans Confections Inc, Carnival Candies, and more. All this while making millions of toys for Cracker Jack.

He lived up to his motto of biting off more than one can chew, & chewing it.

Photo of C. Carey Cloud circa 1944, at his desk playing with his many toys
Photo of C. Carey Cloud circa 1944, at his desk playing with his many toys.

Poll Parrot Action Toy for Poll Parrot Shoes

Poll Parrot Action Toy
1937 paper action toy for Poll Parrot Shoe Company
Make him do his tricks. Insert stick through both feet, then spread apart as shown. Hold stick in fingers and turn gently.

Clocite - Amber Clear Plastic Miniatures

Exquisite Clocite Miniatures
Elegant little gems made in rich amber, translucent Clocite
Refracts light, make a rare collection, and wonderful conversation pieces.

C. Carey Cloud - Acrobatic Clown

Acrobatic Clown, Monkey, Parrot, and Skeleton
4 Action Toys, 1000 and 1 Stunts on a Bar, with Story
No Practice Necessary, No Strings to Pull, So Simple to Assemble

C. Carey Cloud - Three Littls Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
FoldAForm and Wiggle Toys
Ready to press out & fold into life-like figures with fully formed bodies that move.

C. Carey Cloud - Lively Rabbits and Chicks

Lively Rabbits and Chicks
FoldAForm and Wiggle Toys
Ready to press out & fold into life-like figures with fully formed bodies that move.

C. Carey Cloud - Mother Goose

Mother Goose and Other Popular Characters
FoldAForm and Wiggle Toys
Whimsical Little Folk - ready to press out & fold into life-like figures with fully formed bodies.

C. Carey Cloud - Radio Quiz Master - Superman

Virtually identical except for different names, and dial is flipped.
Radio Quiz Master Stunts, made in 1944, and sold in stores for 10¢.
Superman Radio Quiz Master was a promotional for the Superman radio show in 1948.

C. Carey Cloud - Orphan Annie Goofy Circus

Orphan Annie Goofy Circus
58 Goofy Cut-Outs in All-In One Big Book
It Moves! It Rocks! It Swings! It Talks! You'll Die Laughing at this Riot of Fun!

C. Carey Cloud - Waggle Tail Pup

Friendly Pup / Waggle Tail Pup
Rubbing your finger on the reverse side of card makes the pups tail wiggle.

C. Carey Cloud - Captain Kidd

Captain Kidd's Treasure Chest
Have lots of fun with them. Carry more than your friends. Use them for trading with your friends. Flip them - play heads and tails. Toss to a line for the winner. Carry them for good luck.

C. Carey Cloud - Carnival Action Toys

Carnival Cut-Out Action Toys
Here's Your Carnival of Fun!
8 Big Acts Full of Action!
Gently Touch Their Heads and Watch Them Act!

C. Carey Cloud - Coco-Wheats Pack of Prizes

Coco-Wheats Pack of Prizes
Offered on the Happy Hank radio show, containing 10 different prizes...

Wiggle Lobster - Wiggle Alligator - Disc Game - Autogiro - Sundial - Acrobatic Clown - Morse Code Signal - 2 Minute Movies - Auto Racing - One Puzzle

C. Carey Cloud - The General Electric Radio Bandmaster

The General Electric Radio Bandmaster
The General Electric Radio Bandmaster "Leads the way to better reception."

C. Carey Cloud - Jumbo Big Time Play Time

Jumbo Big Time Play Pack
34 Different Toys, Games, Puzzles, Tricks.

C. Carey Cloud - Red Spot Game

Piston Ring Game
Step Right Up Folks!
It's Fun To Guess Which Ring the Spot Will Appear In.

C. Carey Cloud - Rockin' Rabbits

Rockin' Rabbits
Premiums for Ark and Holsum bread.

C. Carey Cloud - A Bag Of Fun

A Bag Of Fun

Monkey Ring Toss Game, Chicken Fight Action Toy, Navy Game, 6 Jolly Mix-Up Puzzles, 10 All American Scene Stamps, Soldiers and Sailors Puzzle, Oriental Mystery Vase, 9 Secret Tricks and Stunts, Jumping Frog Action Toy, and 5 Funny Faces Stunt.

C. Carey Cloud - Felties

Soft... Appealing... Colorful
12 Amusing Animals in Three Dimensions

C. Carey Cloud - Freshie the acrobatic rabbit

Freshie the Acrobatic Rabbit
Premium for ARK Bread, circa 1938.
I've got a 1000 Stunts! I'm lots of fun! Put me together and watch me go!

C. Carey Cloud - Funny Animals Acrobats

Funny Animals Acrobats
Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Billy the Kid, Willie the Worm, & Sherlock the Monk.
Come on gang, see me do 1000 and one stunts on a bar! No strings, no practice necessary and so simple to assemble!

C. Carey Cloud - Great Fun Drawing Lessons

Great-Fun Drawing Lessons
Makes cartooning easy.
There are 24 simple lessons in all - you will find a new one wrapped up with our bread everyday. Don't miss getting your full set.

C. Carey Cloud - Sail-Ho! Sailor Boys

Sail-Ho! Sailor Boys
Thinshell Products, Inc. presents Sail-Ho! Sailor Boys.
Place Cards! Fun For Children! Party Favors!

C. Carey Cloud - Action Easter Toys

Johnston Candies and Chocolates "suPRIZE pack" Easter Eggs
Easter Action Toys
You will get an amusing toy in every Jonston's "suPRIZE pack" Watch for them.

C. Carey Cloud - Shotwell's Easter Parade

Shotwell's Easter Parade
The Easter Chicks and Rabbits.
For Easter Basket Decorations, Bridge Parties, Place Cards, Table Decorations.

C. Carey Cloud - Brach's Swing Bar

Brach's Swing Bar
This lady of the tropics so stunning. Keeps rhythm to music whistling or humming.

C. Carey Cloud - Grennan Banana Flips

Grennan Banana Flips
Hold stick in fingers and turn gently. Watch him do a thousand flips.

C. Carey Cloud - Grennan Banana Flips

The Great Key Puzzle
Remove strings and locks from key. Don't tear card or key, or break string - or remove locks from string. Can you do it?

C. Carey Cloud - unknown Carey Cloud Toys

The Great Unknowns
Carey Cloud created so many toys, that there is more than a few that we know very little about. Come take a look, perhaps you might be able to help solve a mystery.

Toys in various stages of development, from simple pencil sketches to prototype toys.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Safety Reflectors

Safety Reflectors
Polystyrene Safety Reflectors, "Save a Child's Life"
Easy to attach to bicycles, play wagons, tricycles, or the could be worn on caps, coats, shirts, etc.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Roving Eye Toys

The Roving Eye Toys & Mystic Eye Characters
"The Roving Eye" Toys, and "Mystic Eye" Characters, are polystyrene vacuum molded discs measuring 1½" in diameter. Each toy has an eye that wiggles as the toy is moved. Watch the eye, turn from side to side.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Floating Character Toys

Floating Characters
12 different polyethylene floating characters made for a watery good time.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Plastic Stencils

Plastic Stencils
Trace and Color! Plastic stencils for tracing designs, for borders, for coloring and just for fun!

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Two-Tone Musical Whistles

Two-Tone Musical Whistles
One of Carey Cloud's many whistles, except this one was never produced.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Flipper Toy

Flipper Toy
Press the edge of this toy and watch it fly. At least you could if it was ever made. All we have on this toy is just a simple pencil sketch.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Alex Alligator

Alex Alligator
Make 'Alex' raise and lower his head... Open and close his jaws. Snap his teeth...Wiggle his head. All, simply by rubbing his double tail, or by pulling and pushing his tail.

C. Carey Cloud - Prototypes - Anteater

Six inch wooden carving of an anteater.

C. Carey Cloud