C. Carey Cloud

"Down Yonder" Luke Barker says... Wolf at the Door

Down Yonder - Luke Barker says...      A fellar wouldn't mind th' wolf at t' door if he would only git some o' th' agents an collectors thats allus hangin' around.
     Tay Foggy sez "Behind th' clouds th' sun still shines" Tick Binns speaks up an sez "Behind th' hills thars still moonshine" You bettcha!

Translation for city slickers (non-hill people):

     A guy wouldn't mind the wolf at the door, if the wolf would get some of the agents and collectors that are always hanging around.
     Tay Foggy said "Behind the clouds the sun still shines." Tick Binns replied "Behind the hills there is still moonshine"

January 9th, 1933

C. Carey Cloud