C. Carey Cloud

"Down Yonder" Luke Barker says... The Bank Went Up

Down Yonder - Luke Barker says... The Bank Went Up      Th' most dissapointed man thet I know of is Zeb Pike, th' Doc told him he had'nt long t' live then Zeb blew in all his money, then up an got well.
     Alex Bitts cashier o' th' Whistleville Trust Bank got so interested in flyin' aryplanes thet he spent most o' his time an money in th' air, even th' bank went up.

Translation for city slickers (non-hill people):

     The most disappointed man I know is Zeb Pike. The doctor told him he didn't have long to live, then Zeb spent all of his money and got well.
     Alex Bitts, cashier of the Whistleville Trust Bank, was so interested in flying airplanes that he spent most of his time and money in the air. Even the bank went up.

February 17th, 1933

C. Carey Cloud