C. Carey Cloud

"Down Yonder" Luke Barker says... Stung by Spelling Bee

Down Yonder - Luke Barker says...      Th' fellar that has t' walk th' floor at night with th' baby has one advantage ef he lives in a small house, thars not so much floor t' cover.
     Thars been many a young fellar thets been badly stung at a spellin' bee. Sez Hy Nob.

Translation for city slickers (non-hill people):

     The fellow who has to walk the floor at night with the baby has one advantage if he lives in a small house, there's not as much floor to cover.
     There has been many a young fellow that has been badly stung at a Spelling Bee. Said Hy Nob.

January 16th, 1933

C. Carey Cloud