C. Carey Cloud

"Down Yonder" Luke Barker says... Eleven Ounces for a Pound

Down Yonder - Luke Barker says...      Simpy Simmens tole me 'tother day that he allus thought thet th' Holy Grille wus only a leaky dish pan.
     Ef you could weigh ever'thing thet some people tell ya, you would find out thet your gettin' 'bout eleven ounces fer a pound.

Translation for city slickers (non-hill people):

     Simpy Simmens told me the other day that he thought the Holy Grille was a leaky dish pan.
     If you could weigh everything that people tell you, you would find out that you getting about eleven ounces for a pound.

January 17th, 1933

C. Carey Cloud