C. Carey Cloud

"Down Yonder" Luke Barker says... Cigarette Babies

Down Yonder - Luke Barker says...      Th' people thet allus complain 'bout th' rain will be th' first t' find somethin' t' complain about when th' sun shines.
     Gran'ma Tootsberry sez we don't worry so much 'bout babies swollen safetypins like we used t' do, its now how t' keep 'em from th' cigarets.

Translation for city slickers (non-hill people):

     People who always complain about the rain, are the first to find something to complain about when the sun shines.
     Grandma Tootsberry said that we don't worry about babies swollen safety pins like we used to, it's now how to keep them from the cigarettes.

January 8th, 1933

C. Carey Cloud